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Wednesday, 4 April 2012

#2 – A Perfect World?

To me, creating a perfect world is like painting a perfect picture; it will never be to everybody’s taste! I do however think we all have an image of how we want the world to be, how it would be perfect for us.

Do you think a perfect world is possible? (make sure you answer the poll at the bottom of the page) 
What would you consider to be a perfect world? (E.g. what would people be like, what would have to be in it etc.)
What do you think prevents one?


  1. I don't believe a perfect world is possible, partly because of the sheer definition I made of 'perfect'. What I believe could bring us closer to a perfect world would involve no segregation; this would inevitably mean no discrimination and our individualism would have to be expressed creatively, whether it be through art, music or fashion :) The fact that the human surivival instinct is innate which invokes greed and forming groups could be what prevents this.

  2. Do you think a perfect world is possible? : No, The idea of perfection is subjective to each an every person so a perfect world for eveyone is a impossibility. Howerver a good world where everyones basic rights,needs and freedoms are respected is achievable.

    I think the major factor that prevents there being a "good" world is human imperfection and break down of everyday morals and empathy. Stop seeing humans as numbers and people as yourself.

  3. I do believe one day that a perfect world is coming...i know that its hard to see right now but if there is light,then for me there is hope.My definition of a perfect world is, being able to wake up,smile at a stranger and get a smile back...being able to be young and play in the park and feel safe. Just being happy on a day to day basis and sharing it with everyone.
    Whats preventing it is hmmmm alot of things...how people and things are portrayed thru peoples eyes sometimes (or at this stage) quite negatively,with whats happening in the world.

  4. My idea of a perfect world is one with balance.
    Perfection to me is to posses all qualities whether they be deemed good or bad. We need to strike a balance of these qualities but rarely do

  5. I believe the world is perfect the way it is, not so convenient as I would like it to be but perfect.
    There are so many things in this world that we don't understand in our short lives in this world to pass it off as 'imperfect'. Yes we are vulnerable to many things; our limitations are part of that perfection, we have to look at the big portrait beyond our own mortality.
    Why don't we always feel safe when we play in the park? Is it because it eventually gets dark. Why don't we often say hello to strangers? Is it the fear of rejection. Why do we look left and right when we cross the road?
    We'd all have cavities if life was too sweet. Think it would be illogical for everything to be smooth running, even in Tellytubyland there are problems to be solved before the sun goes down.
    Our belief cannot can prevent the universes' balance and perfection I think it's arrogant for us as a grain of sand to tell a desert that it's imperfect.
    This some thingy on Wikipedia that demonstrates the beauty of limitation:
    We are just variables whatever our decisions be we balance out the equation whether it be 'good' or 'bad'.

  6. No it is not possible to have a perfect world in my opinion. This is down to the fact that a perfect world for one person may be hell for another and visa versa. It would be too difficult for everyone to have their own way.

  7. A perfect world would ideally have to be perfect for everyone, so it is nearly impossible to have a world that fits everybody's taste.
    The first thing that comes to mind of a perfect world is one where there is no discrimination or segregation.

  8. I do not think that a perfect world is possible. I think that the world is living to what the media deems to be perfect but I believe that this is a false image of what perfection is. I also think this because there is no true definition as to what perfect is as everybody has a different opinion to one another. A perfect world to me would be without prejudice, wars, murders etc. A place where everybody was treated equally and had a fair chance to make a decent living in life. I think it is the media and society itself that is preventing a perfect world we are living in a very selfish climate where individuals only care themselves and nobody else.

  9. If there was not any killings, drugs or alcohol then I think it would be a hundred times better than it is now.

  10. With 7 billion people in the world today, a perfect world is in fact impossible. We are all so different therefore we all have different views and whatever state the world is in will never suit everyone. To me a perfect world would be a world without prejudice, greed, selfishness, discrimination etc. If we were to have a world without all these things, then other personality traits would just become a problem

  11. People went in with the thesaurus'! Well I believe that a perfect world is never going to be possible. If it were a perfect world it would mean that everyone would be the same, be it the way we look, live and our beliefs. This would mean there's no discrimination and judgement for being an individual and everyone would have the same wealth to cease jealousy, stealing and general hate towards others. What kind of boring world would it be if we were all the same? Therefore it wouldn't even be a perfect world but a dull one :)

  12. For there to be a perfect world everyone would need to agree on what defines one, therefore no I do not think a perfect world is possible.

    I wouyld consider a perfect world to be firstly one of peace and freedom i.e. no wars and dictatorships people are free to make their own decisions. Secondly, a world of fairness and equal opportunity where people are not judged on their race, sex or background where the only thing holding someone back is their own ambition.

    Greed and envy prevent a perfect world.

  13. If there was a perfect world I think you would be free to do anything you wanted at any time and go anywhere without your parents. A perfect world could be full of happy people where nobody went hungry and there were no wars and school time was only for four hours a day!
    People argue, fight and kill each other and there are too many wars to allow us to live in a perfect world.

  14. I think a perfect world is impossible because so many peoples definition of perfect is different and with the population continuously growing there will continue to be different opinions on what is perfect. I think a perfect world for me would be a world where people can share and be happy with what they need in life such as water, food, friends, family. Where people don't fight for silly things like status and fame creating destruction in their path as they strive to reach the 'top'. No one would go hungry or die of illnesses that could have been prevented by one vaccination. People would be happy with what they see as an achievement and not with achieving 'better' than someone else. People are too greedy in todays world and thats why I don't think a perfect world is achievable because there will always be something else that them greedy people want and they will do despicable things to get it. A perfect world most importantly would be a world where no person is judged on the colour of their skin or religion and everyone had fair chances in life. I think what prevents a perfect world is when people do things before they think, or when people are stubborn and think their way is right. why can't people just accept that everyone lives differently and that there is no right way? be contempt with living their life and not with telling other people how they live theirs is wrong.

  15. I think a perfect world is possible

    In a perfect world we would care for others, share resources, and look after the environment.

    I think fear prevents one.