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Wednesday, 4 April 2012

#6 - Economic Issues

Economic issues are those concerning resources and how they are distributed, in particular the state of finances and the spread of wealth.

I feel economic issues are second to political issues as resources are often at the hands of the government however money issues trouble many e.g. the recession.

What economic issues (if any) do you feel prevent theworld from being perfect?


  1. I think greed is the epitome of economical issues; if we spread all the money in the world everyone would be millionaires but this would only diminish the value of money, so maybe the way money is distributed and the recessions we go through along with the financial deficiencies of third world countries are the only way of maintaining our values. Perhaps the fact that we have no truly successful way of handling money is part of what prevents our world from being anywhere near perfect.

  2. As the person above said I strongly believe that greed is one of the biggest issues in the world which stops it from being perfect. Due to there being more economically developed countries and less economically developed countries the world is not at a financial balance as some countries are far more wealthy than others. Additionally the people in countries who are more economically developed do not always appreciate their financial state and so spend their money mindlessly on vain, material things, without even a moments thought about donating money to other countries.

    Fundamentally I think the main economical issues lay within that of the governments in charge of the countries money. Many people donate money to charities but there hardly seems to be any benefits noted in the media, causing people to not want to give because the benefits of the money given is never really shown in the media, i.e. news, articles. If the government decided to take £2 from everyone's working wage a month I doubt many people would mind, but as money is often given to independent charities and no follow up is given as to how their donation has helped, people are less inclined to give.

    Therefore I think that greed is a huge issue, but also the lack of positive media as motivation to change from being greedy and being inspired to be generous.

  3. I also think that greed and corruption is at the centre of economic issues. It's not unheard that in some countries the peeople who have authourity ie government are wealthy whilst the rest of the country lives in poverty.

  4. The media has created this false consciousness of what happiness is and that is having the latest material goods i.e. iPod, iPad etc. Individuals have become greedy and selfish and when a person is not on the same economic level as you it causes them to feel left out. No one seems to think about people in other countries that are actually living in poverty due to their countries' economic state being terrible where they will need a lot of help to recover.

  5. Economics makes perfection impossible to achieve because in every society someone is going to feel like they are unfairly treated. We've seen within Capitalism that there is the minority of people (highlighted by the London riots) that will feel that their is less of an opportunity for them in general and when a government resorts to communism and overall equality, there are people that are unsatisfied and disillusioned as a result of the lack of an incentive to work. Effectively, the presence of money means that maintaining everyone's idea in perfection is impossible.

  6. Perfection in an economic sense, IMO is a place without any form of currency where the community produces and consumes an ideal amount of goods and services that the community needs. This would produce a place without want, greed or evil, a world where someone is not considered lower class because of thier economic situation, due to having no economic situation. A world where there is no crime such as bugulary or theft as they already have all they need. This may sound rather communist but this is the pure ideal behind the bastardised version created and implemented by the Bolsheviks, who abused this ideal I.e. "all people are equal but some more equal than others." Currency is the highest form of sin and turns good people bad, getting rid of this would create a perfect economic state.

  7. I think you guys have been mislead. This recession was not caused by 'greed' in any of the sort, it was caused by a number of things - the American governments guarantee of mortgages, firstly created a property bubble, in which banks like Finny and Freddy didn't care how many mortgages they gave out to people, who they knew would probably never pay these back. This means, because they were protected from losses, they didn't need to run efficiently and productively, which is essential to a market economy.
    If you are really interested on the governments effects on the economy.

  8. Fraud, deceit, miss-selling....

    Lack of financial awareness

    Living beyond our means

    Not investing in the future