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Wednesday, 4 April 2012

#4 - Societies issues

Social issues are those concerning relations between people, what happens within society as a whole and its impact on individuals. Social issues include those such as homelessness, substance abuse, crime and relationship troubles.

To me social issues are those impairing our view of perfection in the world the most. We experience them in our everyday lives and they have the greatest impact on us and our opinions. If you’re homeless it will most probably be the most imperfect factor of your world.

What issues in society (if any) do you feel prevent the world from being perfect?


  1. I think the society issues you've discussed are caused by the political and economic issues so they kind of compound.

  2. oh wow where to start........

    ermm the most venemous of a near infinate list I think is the apathy society have towards things that they feel don directly effect them. This allows all sorts of abuses and coruption to spread amongst society.

  3. Sometimes homelessness is caused by divorces, natural disasters, wars, etc. These people failed to stay financially stable when they may truly have something great to offer to the economy but they have no platform to stand on to let them be heard. Our prejudices are only a product of our consumerist society, which is why some may feel exiled and alienated in society.
    The homeless are just as vulnerable as the comfortable but are still subject to the forces of nature as any other organism on the planet.
    Many homeless may die of starvation whilst one tyrant dictator is publicly executed.
    I personally believe that this world is perfect because of the way it is. Life is a game, it has rules some card that are dealt may change the course of the player's streak, whilst a skilled player can count cards and know how to handle many situations. (This is a epiphany I had when I was sucking at Black Jack).

  4. I think the social issues that prevent a perfect world are the individuals living in it. Many people are still acting in prejudice, naive and selfish ways that cause petty issues within society.

  5. A 'get rich quick' mentality without wanting to put in the hard work
    A genreal intolerance and ignorance to other races, faiths & backgrounds

  6. There are lots of problems that people have which mkae them unhappy, no jobs, drinking too much and taking drugs and being poor so they can't afford nice thing.
    Some people have nice things and some don't which makes people unhappy and wish they had a perfect world.

  7. Ignorance is the biggest I think. Evil only happens because the good guys let it happen as my great nan has always told me. Just because it doesn't affect you directly it doesn't mean you shouldn't act against something you see as wrong.

  8. I think a lack of consideration and a lack of compassion prevent the world from being perfect