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Wednesday, 4 April 2012

#5 - Political Issues

Political issues are those which concern the government and the impact they have.

Considering the sheer power some governments (and in some cases dictators have) it is fair to say they have a major affect on the world and therefore how we view it. Personally I cannot view the world as perfect when the masses suffer at the hands of the minorities in charge. Dictatorship and the influence it has stops me from being able to see the world as a perfect environment for many.  

What political issues (if any) do you feel prevent the world from being perfect?


  1. The worst governments are the ones that combine religious views and impose them; they perpetuate discriminitive puritanical beliefs that are outdated and to me this is biggest fault with our world. As much as I would like for people to have their freedom and live in a democracy, the democracies that already exist only masquerade as one. Generally, I believe we need dictatorship because not all people of society deserve to have their opinion heard, but to select an appropriate dictator would be impossible so really everything about politics prevents the world from being perfect but I doubt we'd be any better without it.

  2. Out of control Governments and supranational institutions like Megabanks, The E.U and U.N are undecomractic and take away power from national governments need to have strict constraints.

    All Governments should have a strict written consititution, strict seperation of power, proportional representation and referendums for all major political issues.

  3. @Hassan , I believe religion gives a sound basis for entrenched morals. Whereas secular society allows a pandora box to be opened where there is incoherant contrasting morals within society.

    And in the 20th century the 3 major regimes that murdered some of the most ppl were Soviet Union, Nazi Germany and Communist China and they were all athiest regimes .

  4. In my opinion the corruption in governments around the world is a large factor preventing us from having a perfect world.

  5. No matter what brand your water is it's still water, just like no matter religion you are your choices are influence by your own convictions. @Parman
    A one world government would be Ideal people would have no basis to fight another of the same nation. It will stop people from fighting each other because they were born on a different patch of soil (Patriotism). People will be able to freely migrate to areas that support the industry that they specialize in without fear of patriotic terrorism, e.g. a mechanic may want to get electrical engineering skills so he may want to go Korea.
    This is Utopian because this would be almost impossible to achieve because patriotism is with the people too (post code wars).
    A one world government will not be immune to authoritarianism, a political party that rule over the entire planet could have great power so this could be prone to a great civil war...

  6. The majority of issues within the world are due to politics. This is due to every country wanting different things to one another, what may seem fair in a non western country may seem unfair in a western country. Individuals are living in different society one where there is freedom of speech and one where you have no say whatsoever.

  7. Democracy has not only become increasingly misleading, but it is highly flawed. We must remember that it has only gained prominence in the 20th Centruy and coincidentally, ever since, international conflict has intensified. Hitherto states across the globe have seen democracy become a prerequisite in their society, triggering recent civil uprisings that is disrupting peace world wide. Democracy must deplete in order for the world governments to move forward and take that significant step towards 'perfection'
    - Sholape :)

  8. I beleive that self-sufficiency is the key politically to strive towards a more perfect world. We need to lessen the dependency that deloping countries have on the West, but for that to happen those countries have to have stable governments.

  9. Politicians who neglect the poor, the unemployed, the sick, people with disabilities, the homeless, orphans, those who are vulnerable and unable to provide for themselves.

    Citizens who do not make a positive contribution to society; those who do not help, hinder!!